Rua Augusta Arch

The Rua Augusta Arch in Commerce Square, Lisbon, Portugal. It was built to commemorate the city’s reconstruction after a devastating earthquake in 1755.

Lunar Halo

Fascinating to have witnessed a lunar halo tonight, but the circle surrounding the moon was faint. I have witnessed two other lunar halos in the past, this one was from last March.

Piazza del Popolo

An obelisk in the center of Piazza del Popolo, an urban square in Rome. The square was once used for public executions until the 19th century.

Sistine Chapel

Most, if not all, photographs taken inside the Sistine Chapel are unauthorized. For one, camera flashes degrade and ‘bleach’ the frescos. These frescos are also copyrighted by the Vatican, giving them the sole right to these images, including the one … Read more […]

Aqueduct of Segovia

Segovia’s famous aqueduct, one of the oldest remnants of the Roman occupation in the first century AD.

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

An old picture I took of the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice in 2009. I remember toiling to get a good angle from a window in the Doge’s Palace in Piazza San Marco.

Golden Gate Bridge

This is one of my experimental shots that turned out quite beautiful. I used my sunglasses to give the photo almost a pinkish hue.

Sta Maria La Blanca

Intricate architectural detail of the Sta Maria La Blanca or Saint Mary the White, said to be the oldest standing synagogue in Europe.

War of the Worlds

Archived photo taken in Giverny, France, hometown of famous painter Claude Monet.

Headless Statue

A headless statue in Palatine Hill, Rome. I have seen only a few statues from ancient Rome that still have their heads intact. Headless statues most likely have eroded over time, or had their heads broken off and sold to … Read more […]